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Hello. I'm rather crazy. Not much else to say... The idea for this community came up during a IM with me and keilana acting rather crazy. It went like this...
GoddessAthena771: Hallo
Kalooapie: MWA HA HA
Kalooapie: *throws herself into her shockingly large supply of duct tape and laughs manically*
Kalooapie: *does backstroke*
Kalooapie: *shows off breast stroke*
Kalooapie: *chokes and sputters on some tape*
GoddessAthena771: lol
GoddessAthena771: you ARE odd
Kalooapie: *continues to laugh manically
GoddessAthena771: *laughs maniacally along with Keilana*
Kalooapie: *stops laughing and gives anemone a weird look*
Kalooapie: who said you got to act strangely too?
GoddessAthena771: ME!!!!!!!!!!
GoddessAthena771: *bounces around the room, hooting like a monkey*
Kalooapie: oh ok!
Kalooapie: *stares intentedly at a snail, wondering how many she could fit in her mouth*
GoddessAthena771: *smacks forehead while lauging* THATS DAMN FUNNY, MATE!
Kalooapie: mate? mate? did anyone say MATE?! *pours large bowl of knockoff pirate lucky charms and proceeds to throw them all over the floor claiming to be feeding the mutant penguins*
Kalooapie: heh heh heh homicidal squirrels ate all my pudding
GoddessAthena771: STOP. OH GOD. DYING. *falls out of chair*
Kalooapie: *runs after homicidal squirrels with her all knowing rubber chicken, both of which, remarkably, only she can see*
GoddessAthena771: *is dead*
Kalooapie: *lights couch on fire*
GoddessAthena771: *jumps off couch* OW GOD DAMNIT MY ARSE IS BURNING!
Kalooapie: *while grinning at the flames cackles and insists the voices in her head told her to do it*
Kalooapie: *the one named bob is rather frisky*
Kalooapie: that's why we can't go to the zoo anymore. We take pride in saying we are THE SOLE REASON the flamingos turned psycho in the first place.
GoddessAthena771: LMAO
GoddessAthena771: You are rather funny.
Kalooapie: yes, I know. I owe it all to the experimental drugs I was given in infancy.
GoddessAthena771: lol
GoddessAthena771: funnier than me, even. *pouts*
Kalooapie: that's how I can see through walls and lick people who aren't really there. Go me!
Kalooapie: NOBODY's funnier than YOU.
GoddessAthena771: er, right.

So the Homocidal Squirrels were born. Now, by joining this community, you can BECOME an OFFICIAL homocidal squirrel. Although, the REAL homocidal squirrels run around, eating everyone's pudding. It's nice to blame other stuff on them too. I was actually kind enough to warn my entire school about the menace of the HOMOCIDAL SQUIRRELS by making this poster and putting it everywhere, like on the principal's door and stuff. He really appreciated it, I am quite sure.

IF YOU SEE A HOMOCIDAL SQUIRREL, please hit it over the head with your NIFTY RUBBER CHICKEN. Which, usually, only you can see. AND join THIS community. We won't mind if your crazy. In fact, we encourage craziness. Teh CHEESE AND CHEESY BIPRODUCTS.
This Community is maintained by KEILANA (crazy) and ANEMONE (crazy)
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